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Table 1 Selected genes with contrasting CpG [o/e] ratios analysed by bisulfite sequencing

From: Epigenetic regulation of the honey bee transcriptome: unravelling the nature of methylated genes

Genes ubiquitously expressed predicted to be methylated
Gene ID or
Common name
OGS2 ID or
GenBank ID
Predicted function and expression patterns* CpG [o/e] CpG island Exon(s) analyzed Predicted Methylation status
DCTN4 dynactin p62 XP_001121083 A subunit of the Dynactin complex 0.62   4-6 Confirmed
MTM myotubularin myopathy related protein 9 GB19180 Multiple cellular functions, in humans, brain protein linked to neuropathies 0.57   5
Histone methyltransferase GB13959 Histone modifications 0.58   4 Confirmed
Nadrin GB16176 A novel GTPase-activating protein 0.47   10 Confirmed
PKCbp1 Receptor of activated prot.kinase C GB12499 The ligand, PKC, is involved in learning, such as spatial learning in rats 0.65   5-6 Confirmed
TBP TATA-box binding protein GB19036 A general transcription factor for RNA polymerase I, II and III. 0.35   1-2 Confirmed
Casein kinase II beta GB12504 Involved in circadian rhythm, brain development 0.42   3 Confirmed
Swiss cheese\NTE
neuropathy target esterase
GB10208 Involved in apoptosis and brain development 0.68   9 Confirmed
Genes with restricted patterns of expression predicted to be unmethylated
glucose oxidase
GB19418 FAD flavoprotein oxidoreductase
Restricted pattern of expression (very high in HP gland)
1.14 YES Promoter
VHDL lipid transporter GB15055 Larval-specific, very high density lipoprotein 1.39   13-15 Confirmed
OBP13 odorant binding protein GB18363 Expressed during late larval stages and in pupae [49] 1.17   2-5 Confirmed
Not available RIKEN EST
Unknown function, highly expressed in worker head 1.96    Confirmed
L-lactate dehydrogenase
GB13882 Larval gene upregulated in worker larvae 1.33 YES 3-4 Confirmed
Squid RNP-CS RNA-binding domain protein GB15796 Required for the correct localization and translational regulation of the gurken message 1.22   5-7 Confirmed
  1. *Expression patterns are based on published data and our microarray analyses. Ubiquitous: expressed under all examined conditions. Restricted: typically expressed in one or two tissues. CpG islands were predicted using cpgplot at