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Table 1 The effect of BLAST filtering options on the performance of RBH

From: A new procedure for determining the genetic basis of a physiological process in a non-model species, illustrated by cold induced angiogenesis in the carp

Condition BLAST options Number of RBHs Normalized value
Soft filtering with SW -F "m S" -s T 6773 1.04
Soft filtering no SW -F "m S" -s F 6779 1.04
Hard filtering with SW -F T -s T 6570 1.01
Hard filtering with no SW -F T -s F 6507 1
  1. This table shows the performance of RBH using the different BLAST filtering options with eukaryotic sequences. The results from this analysis showed the soft filtering option with no Smith and Waterman produced the highest number of successful RBHs.