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Table 2 A summary of the results for the bioinformatic analyses

From: A new procedure for determining the genetic basis of a physiological process in a non-model species, illustrated by cold induced angiogenesis in the carp

Number of contiguous sequences RBH successful orthologs SRBH successful orthologs CSRBH successful orthologs Number of genes Number angiogenic genes Number of up-regulated genes Number of up-regulated angiogenic genes
16650 6779 8145 8726 3762 908 567 135
  1. This table displays the number of human protein orthologs found using CSRBH for the 16,650 cDNA carp contiguous sequences. 3,762 total none redundant genes were found and 908 of them were predicted as angiogenesis genes. From the re-analysis, 567 genes were up-regulated and 24% of them were predicted as angiogenesis genes.