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Figure 1

From: Regulation of intestinal epithelial cells transcriptome by enteric glial cells: impact on intestinal epithelial barrier functions

Figure 1

Hierarchical clustering of expression data. Four individual microarrays were used per condition. Hierarchical clustering was performed on genes using Gene Cluster. Each ratio was normalized to the median of the t = 0 hour-condition values of the corresponding gene. Each column represents an individual array (T0: t = 0 hour condition samples; T8control: t = 8 hours of culture without EGC; T8glia: t = 8 hours of culture in presence of EGC; T24control: t = 24 hours of culture without EGC; T24glia: t = 24 hours of culture in presence of EGC). Each line represents one individual gene. The clustering shows the impact of the time of culture on gene expression profiling in Caco-2 cells. The EGC-induced modulation of IEC transcriptome is highly visible at t = 24 hours.

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