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Figure 6

From: Comparative proteomic analysis of malformed umbilical cords from somatic cell nuclear transfer-derived piglets: implications for early postnatal death

Figure 6

In vitro junction and tubule formation assay. Control and scNT-N-derived PUVECs formed an extensive capillary-like network 24 hr after plating onto Matrigel (a and b), while scNT-MUC PUVECs formed a truncated and abnormal network (c). Cells were viewed by phase-contrast microscopy. Magnification, 40×. Tubule length was measured under a microscope and then average tubule length was plotted. The data were expressed as the mean value of tubule length measured in individual control, scNT-N and scN-MUC with at least 3 independent experiments. * P < 0.05, ** P < 0.01.

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