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Table 2 qRT-PCR validation of selected DEGs

From: A gene catalogue for post-diapause development of an anhydrobiotic arthropod Artemia franciscana

Gene Expression Change*
HSP26 -3.8 -5.08
Cystatin B inhibitor -7 -2.06
LEA -7.3 -7.10
cathepsin L-like protease -3.4 -5.29
haloacid dehalogenase-like -1.5 -3.55
HSP70 -11 -3.57
CDC48 0/5 +3.38
chaperonin-containing TCP +3.33 +3.66
UCP2 +2.5 +10.55
  1. * Fold changes are used for expression quantization; plus and minus indicate down- and up-regulations. For the EST data, we used transcripts per million (TPM) instead of absolute expression abundance, and for Q_PCR results, we calculated fold changes directly, according to the manufacture's instruction.