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Figure 8

From: Expression profiling of rainbow trout testis development identifies evolutionary conserved genes involved in spermatogenesis

Figure 8

Expression localisation of candidate genes. In Situ Hybridization was performed on paraformaldehyde-fixed and paraffin-embedded trout testes using digoxigenin-labelled probes and NBT/BCIP for revelation. Scale bars indicate 50 μm. For each gene the corresponding expression signals (Log-2 transformed) as measured by microarrays are depicted. (A) Characteristic Sertoli cell staining for Amh (clone tcay0040.e.21) in immature trout testes. (B) Staining of spermatogonia for Ddx4 (clone 1RT40G14_C_D07) in stage II testes. (C) Detection of Txdnc6 (clone tcaa0002.a.02) in stage V testes spermatocytes and spermatids. (D) Expression of Tcf23 in peritubular cells (clone tcbk0026.d.10) as revealed in stage II testes. (E) Staining for Igfbp7 (clone tcbk0016.d.20) in Leydig cells from stage II testes. (F) Detection of Ghr2 (clone 1RT91I23_A_E12) in Leydig cells of stage VIII testes. (G) Tgfbr3 (clone tcbk0046.o.19) in Leydig cells of stage III testes.

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