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Table 3 The newly added colicin and colicin-related genes

From: Genome reannotation of Escherichia coli CFT073 with new insights into virulence

ID Start site Stop site Strand Comments
c0009r 127216 128997 Forward Uropathogenic specific S-type colicin
c0010r 129401 129688 Forward Putative colicin
c0011r 129691 129984 Forward Putative colicin immunity protein
c0094r 1176363 1176527 Forward Protein MchX
c0095r 1176596 1176805 Forward Microcin immunity protein, MchI
c0096r 1182901 1183122 Forward Microcin immunity protein, McmI
c0097r 1183119 1183397 Forward McmA protein