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Table 2 Amplification and bin mapping success for 857 RosCOS primer pairs.

From: Development and bin mapping of a Rosaceae Conserved Ortholog Set (COS) of markers

  Polymorphic RosCOS   
Amplification in TxE1 Bin mapped Orphan COS2 Putative bin 4:183 Inconclusive segregation Failed sequence Monomorphic
784 (91%) 607 (78%) 36 (5%) 6 (0.8%) 8 (1%) 47 (6%) 80 (10%)
  1. 1PCR amplification success in the TxE mapping population was visualized on agarose gels.
  2. 2RosCOS markers that mapped in bins that are not reported (orphan bins). Collectively, they represent 23 orphan bins of which 4 are comprised of two or more RosCOS.
  3. 3Heterozygous RosCOS in all the genotypes of the bin set resemble bin 4:18 on linkage group 4.