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Table 4 Bacterial strains and plasmids.

From: The transcriptional programme of Salmonella enterica serovar Typhimurium reveals a key role for tryptophan metabolism in biofilms

Strain/plasmid Relevant characteristics Reference/source
S. enterica serovar Typhimurium strains
   SL1344 WT (rpsL hisG) mouse virulent [109, 110]
   JH3182 SL1344/ΔSTM2779:: Km This study
   JH3183 SL1344 ΔygaT:: Km This study
   JH3184 SL1344 ΔybaY:: Km This study
   JH3185 SL1344 ΔtrpE:: Km This study
   JH3186 SL1344 ΔyhfG:: Km This study
   JH3187 SL1344 ΔSTM0341:: Km$ This study
   JH3188 SL1344 Δmtr:: Km This study
   JH3189 SL1344 ΔpspA-E:: Km This study
   JH3142 SL1344 ΔrpoS:: Amp Laboratory collection
   JH3180 SL1344 ssrA::mTn5(Kmr)* This study
   JH3181 SL1344 ΔssrA(pSsrAB) This study
   JH3179 SL1344 Δorf319::Cm This study
   LT2A WT lab strain [100]
   JH4000 LT2A Δhns [111]
   pKD4 Template plasmid, KmR [103]
   pKD46 Lambda Red helper plasmid, AmpR [103]
   pWSK29 pssrAB [58]
   p1437-1 bla pBAD-ssrAB + K. Tedin
   p1437-6 bla pBAD-ssrAB - K. Tedin
  1. * The ssrA::mTn5 mutation [111] was transduced to SL1344 from strain P3F4 (12023 ssrA::mTn5).
  2. $ It should be noted that the polar mutation in STM0341 could affect expression of the downstream STM0342 gene; both of these genes are highly down-regulated during biofilm growth. Therefore, the putative periplasmic protein encoded by STM0342 may play a role in the phenotypes associated with strain JH3187.