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Table 1 Set theory algebra of genomic regions from annotation data

From: Evidence of uneven selective pressure on different subsets of the conserved human genome; implications for the significance of intronic and intergenic DNA

Genomic Region Set Algebra
Chromosome Chromosome\Repeats
Transcripts Transcripts\Repeats
Exons Exons\Repeats
Introns Transcripts\Exons
Intergenic Chromosome\Transcripts
Conserved Alignments\Repeats
Conserved Exonic ExonsAlignments
Non-Conserved Exonic Exons\Alignments
Conserved Intronic IntronsAlignments
Non-Conserved Intronic Introns\Alignments
Conserved Intergenic IntergenicAlignments
Non-Conserved Intergenic Intergenic\Alignments
  1. \ denotes set difference, ∩ denotes set intersection.