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Figure 1

From: Revisiting the missing protein-coding gene catalog of the domestic dog

Figure 1

Consensus Ortholog IntervaL identification. The figure illustrates the 4-step method to infer targeted interval for gene prediction. (1) is the first step that build the pairwise synteny map (here a schematic Human-dog syntenic map) using 1:1 orthologs that are connected through colored lines. (2) 1:0 gene ('missing gene' in the dog) is positioned on the reference species of the synteny map. (3) indicates the identification of flanking 1:1 orthologs used to define an orthologous interval on the canine chromosome as indicated by red arrows. (4) is the last step that integrates the four orthologous intervals using all pairwise synteny maps (Chimpanzee-dog; Mouse-dog and Rat-dog) to define a Consensus Ortholog IntervaL (COIL) as shown on the right of the figure.

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