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Figure 4

From: Comparative analysis of methods for gene transcription profiling data derived from different microarray technologies in rat and mouse models of diabetes

Figure 4

Cross-platform comparisons of p-values in the liver transcriptome analyses between WKY-STZ and WKY. "Dartboard" plots were derived using all Ensembl Gene matches between Affymetrix (scale-median polish), Operon (vsn-scale) and Illumina (loess). The number represents the agreement in p values for all genes (left, 1502 genes) and the top 25% most intense genes (right, approximately 280 genes) on all three platforms (see methods). Gene lists generated by the platforms indicated in large block capitals are entered inwards from the circumference and compared to gene lists generated by the other two platforms on either side of the dotted line. Segments are colour coded so that red marks the maximum possible value for a given comparison, and white represents less than half of the maximum.

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