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Figure 8

From: Upstream sequence elements direct post-transcriptional regulation of gene expression under stress conditions in yeast

Figure 8

Conservation statistics for highly conserved uORFs. For individual uORFs with mean phastCons scores greater than 0.99 (highly conserved regions) across 6 Sensu Stricto yeast species, the phastCons score is plotted against corresponding number of species (out of 6) in which the uORF is conserved. This is shown with respect to an "average" species conservation metric comparing sequences with similar properties to an open reading frame (see Methods). These 61 uORFs show considerable conservation, both in terms of local sequence context (phastCons scores) and the number of species which also share a uORF, and includes previously characterised uORFs from the well known GCN4 gene, shown as circled dots.

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