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Table 3 Genes expressed downstream of DSX at 48 hour APF.

From: Somatic, germline and sex hierarchy regulated gene expression during Drosophila metamorphosis

Sex-bias Gene Name CG # * Ch FC Functional Annotationξ
Male CG1342 CG1342 3R 6.0 serine-type endopeptidase inhibitor activity
  Osiris 11 CG15596 3R 4.9 unknown
  CG12063 CG12063 3R 4.8 unknown
  CG13535 CG13535   4.2 unknown
  SP71 CG17131 X 4.0 unknown
  CG32159 CG32159 3L 6.5 unknown
  Ecdysone-inducible gene E1 CG32356 3L 4.8 lipoprotein binding; imaginal disc eversion
  CG4386 CG4386 2R 4.5 trypsin activity; proteolysis
  miniature CG9369 X 3.8 cuticle pattern formation; epidermal cell differentiation
  Osiris 21 CG14925 2L 3.4 unknown
  CG4702 CG4702 3R 3.3 unknown
  CG8420 CG8420 3R 3.2 unknown
  dusky-like CG15013 3L 3.1 structural constituent of cuticle
  CG1499 CG1499 3R 3.1 unknown
  Ecdysone-inducible gene L1 CG10717 3L 3.1 unknown
  ectodermal CG6611 3L 3.0 unknown
  vrille CG14029 2L 3.0 transcription factor activity; bristle morphogenesis
  CG13728 CG13728 3L 2.9 unknown
  CG15020 CG15020 3L 2.8 structural constituent of cuticle
  CG15643 CG15643 X 2.8 unknown
  CG32354 CG32354 3L 2.7 endopeptidase inhibitor activity
  CG13078 CG13078 2L 2.7 unknown
  CG15589 CG15589 3R 2.7 unknown
  shavenoid CG13209 2R 2.7 wing hair biogenesis; antennal morphogenesis
  CG10898 CG10898 3R 2.5 DNA repair
  CG13059 CG13059 3L 2.3 unknown
  CG4844 CG4844 2R 2.3 unknown
  CG31637 CG31637 2L 2.2 sulfotransferase activity; carbohydrate metabolism
  CG11438 CG11438 3L 2.1 phosphatidate phosphatase activity; lipid metabolism
  Dopa decarboxylase CG10697 2L 2.0 catecholamine metabolism; learning and/or memory
  brother of iHog CG32796 X 2.0 ectoderm development; nervous system development
  CG10249 CG10249 2R 2.0 unknown
Female CG6337 CG6337 2R 15.2 cysteine-type endopeptidase activity
  CG31878 CG31878 2L 11.9 structural constituent of cuticle
  CG16884 CG16884 2L 11.0 unknown
  CG16885 CG16885 2L 10.2 unknown
  CG14752 CG14752 2R 9.0 unknown
  CG8927 CG8927 3R 7.5 unknown
  CG7330 CG7330 3L 6.7 unknown
  CG15251 CG15251 X 6.5 unknown
  CG12164 CG12164 2R 6.1 unknown
  CG10264 CG10264 3R 6.0 unknown
  Cuticular protein 97Eb CG15884 3R 5.9 structural constituent of cuticle
  CG32694 CG32694 X 5.6 unknown
  CG16886 CG16886 2L 5.3 unknown
  b6 CG3100 X 5.2 neuronal pentraxin receptor activity
  Peritrophin A CG17058 X 5.2 chitin binding; chitin metabolism
  CG10175 CG10175 3R 4.9 carboxylesterase activity; phosphopantetheine binding
  CG30427 CG30427 2R 4.9 oxidoreductase activity
  CG11380 CG11380 X 4.8 unknown
  CG15778 CG15778 X 4.7 unknown
  CG17829 CG17829 X 4.5 nucleic acid binding; zinc ion binding
  CG1441 CG1441 2R 4.3 oxidoreductase activity
  CG32645 CG32645 X 4.3 transferase activity
  CG32036 CG32036 3L 4.2 chitin binding; chitin metabolism
  CG14052 CG14052 X 4.1 unknown
  Cyp303a1 CG4163 2L 4.1 sensory organ development; steroid metabolism
  CG3244 CG3244 2L 4.0 sugar binding
  CG32499 CG32499 X 3.8 chitin binding; chitin metabolism
  CG32550 CG32550 X 3.7 unknown
  CG10051 CG10051 2R 3.7 unknown
  CG13931 CG13931 3L 3.6 unknown
  Pherokine 3 CG9358 2R 3.6 protein kinase activity; gametogenesis
  CG17707 CG17707 X 3.5 unknown
  CG14534 CG14534 2L 3.5 nutrient reservoir activity
  Cuticular protein 50Ca CG13338 2R 3.5 structural constituent of cuticle
  CG13138 CG13138 2L 3.5 unknown
  CG9021 CG9021 2L 3.4 unknown
  GV1 CG12023 3L 3.4 DNA binding
  CG14770 CG14770 X 3.4 unknown
  CG15322 CG15322 X 3.3 unknown
  CG7031 CG7031 3R 3.3 unknown
  Cuticular protein 97Ea CG6131 3R 3.3 structural constituent of cuticle
  CG14218 CG14218 X 3.3 serine-type endopeptidase activity
  CG33299 CG33299 2L 3.3 unknown
  CG17777 CG17777 X 3.2 unknown
  CG15055 CG15055 X 3.2 unknown
  CG1561 CG1561 X 3.1 unknown
  CG1702 CG1702 X 3.0 glutathione transferase activity; defense response
  CG12057 CG12057 X 2.9 unknown
  CG13616 CG13616 3R 2.9 unknown
  CG17032 CG17032 3L 2.9 unknown
  CG6592 CG6592 3L 2.9 chymotrypsin activity; proteolysis
  HDC15381 CG33342 3R 2.8 unknown
  Cuticular protein 51A CG10112 2R 2.8 structural constituent of cuticle
  CG8192 CG8192 2R 2.8 unknown
  CG5873 CG5873 3R 2.7 peroxidase activity; defense response
  Peroxidase CG3477 3R 2.7 peroxidase activity; phagocytosis, engulfment
  CG14946 CG14946 2L 2.6 oxidoreductase activity; binding
  LCBP1 CG8756 3L 2.6 chitin deacetylase activity; open tracheal system
  SRY interacting protein 1 CG10939 2R 2.5 cell homeostasis; ion transport; olfactory behavior
  flightin CG7445 3L 2.5 muscle thick filament assembly
  obstructor-A CG17052 X 2.5 chitin binding; chitin metabolism
  Gfat1 CG12449 3R 2.5 sugar binding; carbohydrate biosynthesis
  CG6739 CG6739 2L 2.5 unknown
  CG13062 CG13062 3L 2.5 unknown
  CG5506 CG5506 3L 2.4 unknown
  dpr13 CG33996 2R 2.4 unknown
  CG7047 CG7047 3L 2.4 unknown
  CG9850 CG9850 2R 2.4 metallopeptidase activity; cell proliferation
  CG30101 CG30101 2R 2.4 unknown
  omega CG32145 3L 2.4 peptidase activity; signal transduction
  CG4404 CG4404 X 2.4 DNA binding
  lethal (2) essential for life CG4533 2R 2.3 embryonic development; protein folding
  CG32816 CG32816 X 2.3 unknown
  CG14191 CG14191 X 2.3 unknown
  CG7135 CG7135 X 2.2 unknown
  pgant2 CG3254 2L 2.2 protein amino acid glycosylation
  CG8358 CG8358 3R 2.1 neprilysin activity; proteolysis; signal transduction
  CG12523 CG12523 3L 2.1 unknown
  melted CG8624 3L 2.1 specific transcriptional repressor activity; development
  CG9134 CG9134 3L 2.1 sugar binding
  CG9328 CG9328 2L 2.1 unknown
  serpentine CG32209 3L 2.1 chitin metabolism; tracheal system development
  CG4484 CG4484 3L 2.1 sucrose:hydrogen symporter activity
  CG16820 CG16820 2L 2.1 unknown
  CG9990 CG9990 3R 2.1 ATPase activity; transporter activity; ATP binding
  CG13188 CG13188 2R 2.1 unknown
  Limpet CG32171 3L 2.0 transcription factor activity; development
  1. All genes listed had at least a 2.0-fold difference in transcript abundance when comparing XX dsxDpseudomales to wild type females at 48 hour APF. For the full lists of genes regulated as a consequence of dsx, see Additional file 10. * Annotation symbol from Flybase. Chromosomal arm on which the gene is located. Fold change difference between the sexes. ξGO annotations for each gene as listed in Flybase.