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Figure 2

From: FragIdent – Automatic identification and characterisation of cDNA-fragments

Figure 2

Alignments – graphical overview. This screenshot shows the HTML page containing the graphical alignments. The page starts with a short legend followed by the different clones that were studied. This example shows the first clone ('et158'). The output lists the protein domains included in the insert and some gene specific information (more can be found in a separate list). The alignments are displayed in an image below: The target sequence is covered by three forward and one reverse sequences. Three further sequences could not be aligned to the target. The target gene is shown on top of this image as a grey bar with its coding sequence in blue. Below, the different sequences are plotted in different shades of grey with green parts representing the vector sequence. The sequence at the bottom is drawn in red to indicate that its orientation is reversed, i.e. that it was detected by sequencing from the 3' end and therefore determines the 3' end of the insert. The part of the gene that is actually covered by the sequences is emphasised with a box around it. Regions of the target gene not covered by sequences are marked with a thin red line on top of its bar and listed in the text. Protein domains are shown as horizontal purple bars reflecting their position in the cDNA. Below the figure, links to the raw data (sequences and BLAST results) are included.

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