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Table 3 Prioritize aquaporin isoforms for investigation for roles other than water-transport

From: Integrative sequence and tissue expression profiling of chicken and mammalian aquaporins

Aquaporin Organism Ensembl ID Missing NPA or NPA-like motif
AQP1 Human ENST00000265298 First
AQP3 Human ENST00000343952 Second
AQP3 Human ENST00000379492 Second
AQP4 Human ENST00000339532 First
AQP4 Human ENST00000383170 Second
AQP5 Mouse ENSMUST00000088200 Second
AQP5 Rat ENSRNOT00000040874 Second
AQP5 Chicken ENSGALT00000041244 Second
AQP5 Chicken ENSGALT00000041246 Second
AQP9 Mouse ENSMUST00000113569 Second
AQP12 Human ENST00000373309 First