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Table 1 Top 10 scoring profiles for test profile GSM18935 (thalamus) with overall search database.

From: Improving gene expression similarity measurement using pathway-based analytic dimension

Scoring method Similarity score Profile ID Cell type Platform ID Study ID
CGSEP 0.62 GSM12688 brain GPL8300 GSE803
  0.61 GSM12708 brain GPL8300 GSE803
  0.6 GSM12703 spinal GPL8300 GSE803
  0.59 GSM12753 spinal GPL8300 GSE803
  0.58 GSM2885 caudate GPL91 GSE96
  0.58 GSM2820 cerebral GPL91 GSE96
  0.58 GSM2886 caudate GPL91 GSE96
  0.58 GSM2881 thalamus GPL91 GSE96
  0.58 GSM18443 cardiac GPL570 GSE1145
  0.57 GSM2897 thalamus GPL91 GSE96
PEPC 0.86 GSM2881 thalamus GPL91 GSE96
  0.86 GSM2897 thalamus GPL91 GSE96
  0.84 GSM2885 caudate GPL91 GSE96
  0.83 GSM2886 caudate GPL91 GSE96
  0.83 GSM2884 amygdala GPL91 GSE96
  0.83 GSM2820 cerebral GPL91 GSE96
  0.83 GSM2828 brain GPL91 GSE96
  0.82 GSM2874 amygdala GPL91 GSE96
  0.82 GSM12708 brain GPL8300 GSE803
  0.82 GSM12688 brain GPL8300 GSE803