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Table 2 Top 10 scoring profiles for test profile GSM12641(liver) with cross-platform search database

From: Improving gene expression similarity measurement using pathway-based analytic dimension

Scoring method Similarity score Profile ID Cell type Platform ID Study ID
CGSEP 0.31 GSM19143 colon GPL97 GSE1152
  0.3 GSM19142 ileum GPL97 GSE1152
  0.28 GSM11827 kidney GPL97 GSE781
  0.25 GSM11810 kidney GPL97 GSE781
  0.24 GSM4230 skeletal GPL246 GSE465
  0.24 GSM4231 skeletal GPL246 GSE465
  0.23 GSM18443 cardiac GPL570 GSE1145
  0.22 GSM18809 placenta GPL1074 GSE1133
  0.22 GSM18798 prostate GPL1074 GSE1133
  0.22 GSM18711 leukocyte GPL1074 GSE1133
PEPC 0.43 GSM2831 liver GPL91 GSE96
  0.43 GSM12640 liver GPL92 GSE803
  0.43 GSM2854 trachea GPL91 GSE96
  0.42 GSM2858 spleen GPL91 GSE96
  0.42 GSM18949 lung GPL96 GSE1133
  0.42 GSM18950 lung GPL96 GSE11750
  0.42 GSM2835 spleen GPL91 GSE96
  0.42 GSM2844 liver GPL91 GSE96
  0.41 GSM2834 salivary GPL91 GSE96
  0.41 GSM12718 liver GPL8300 GSE803