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Figure 3

From: Erratum to: High throughput approaches reveal splicing of primary microRNA transcripts and tissue specific expression of mature microRNAs in Vitis vinifera

Figure 3

Transcription and splicing of pri-miRNAs in Vitis vinifera. A summary of transcription of genomic loci containing predicted pre-miRNAs is provided. Illumina whole transcriptome reads per base are reported for four tissues as log(number of reads/expected number of reads under random distribution of reads). Local GC content, position and strand of predicted pre-miRNA as also shown along with coordinates of: canonical introns inferred from non-contiguous mapping of Illumina reads (blue bars), 454 reads (black bars) and assembled 454 sequence contigs (green bars). Predicted genes where present are represented by red bars. Panel A refers to miR394B, panel B to miR162 and panel C to miR168.

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