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Table 4 Snake species sampled in this study and their mt genome Genbank accession numbers.

From: Snake mitochondrial genomes: phylogenetic relationships and implications of extended taxon sampling for interpretations of mitogenomic evolution

Scolecophidia Leptotyphlopidae Leptotyphlops humilis NC 005961
  Typhlopidae Ramphotyphlops australis AM 236346
  Typhlopidae Ramphotyphlops braminus NC 010196
  Typhlopidae Typhlops reticulatus NC 010971
  Typhlopidae Typhlops mirus AM 236345
Alethinophidia: "Henophidia" Aniliidae Anilius scytale* GQ 200593
  Tropidophiidae Tropidophis haetianus NC 012573
  Uropeltidae Rhinophis philippinus* GQ 200594
  Cylindrophiidae Cylindrophis ruffus NC 007401
  Xenopeltidae Xenopeltis unicolor NC 007402
  Pythonidae Python regius NC 007399
  Boidae Charina trivirgata* GQ 200595
  Boidae Eunectes notaeus AM 236347
  Boidae Boa constrictor AM 236348
Alethinophidia: Caenophidia Acrochordidae Acrochordus granulatus NC 007400
Alethinophidia: Caenophidia: Colubroidea Viperidae Ovophis okinavensis NC 007397
  Viperidae Agkistrodon piscivorus NC 009768
  Viperidae Deinagkistrodon acutus NC 010223
  Homalopsinae/dae Enhydris plumbea NC 010200
  Incertae sedis Achalinus meiguensis NC 011576
  Elapidae Naja naja NC 010225
   Bungarus fasciatus NC 011393
  Colubrinae Dinodon semicarinatus NC 001945
  Colubrinae Pantherophis guttatus AM 236349
  1. Asterisks indicate taxa newly sequenced for this study.