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Table 1 Description of full fed (FF), fasted (NF), and delayed fed (DF) treatments administered to chicks.

From: Transcriptional and pathway analysis in the hypothalamus of newly hatched chicks during fasting and delayed feeding

Abbreviation Fasted Fed Time of Sample Collection
H    Within 4 h of hatch
24FF   24 h Fully Fed 24 h
24NF 24 h Not Fed   24 h
48FF   48 h Fully Fed 48 h
48NF 48 h Not Fed   48 h
4DF 48 h Not Fed 4 h Delayed Fed 52 h
72FF   72 h Fully Fed 72 h
24DF 48 h Not Fed 24 h Delayed Fed 72 h
96FF   96 h Fully Fed 96 h
48DF 48 h Not Fed 48 h Delayed Fed 96 h