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Table 6 Comparison of highly expressed proteins in the two dimensional electrophoresis pattern of H. pylori with abundant cytosolic proteins of H. mustelae detected by LC-MS

From: Comparative genomics and proteomics of Helicobacter mustelae, an ulcerogenic and carcinogenic gastric pathogen

H. pylori ORF Protein Annotationa H. mustelae ortholog Rank in H. mustelae proteomeb
HP0010 GroEL Chaperone/heat-shock protein HMU0400 16
HP0072 UreB Urease β-subunit HMU0305 66
HP1563 AhpC Alkyl hydroperoxide reductase HMU0332 12
HP0547 Cag26 Cag pathogenicity island protein -  
HP0073 UreA Urease α-subunit HMU0306 32
HP1294 Rps4 Ribosomal proteinS4 HMU1030 120
HP1496 Ctc S4 general stress protein HMU0808 193
HP1199 Rpl7 Ribosomal protein L7 HMU0318 28
HP0390 TagD Adhesin-thiol peroxidase HMU0390 3
HP0011 GroES Co-chaperone HMU0399 37
HP0243 NapA Neutrophil activating protein HMU1269 9
HP1286 - Conserved hypo. secreted protein HMU0209 78
HP0570 PepA Aminopeptidase A HMU652 167
HP1205 TufB Elongation factor EF-Tu HMU0312 8
  1. a. H. pylori annotation; b. Cytosolic fraction