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Table 4 Location of RPSA (pseudo)genes

From: Characterization of the ovine ribosomal protein SA gene and its pseudogenes

Gene Chromosomal location Ortholog Bos taurus
RPSA OAR19q13 intergenic between LOC515736 and MOBP ortholog BTA22: GeneID: 281898
RPSAP1 OAR20q22 intergenic between LOC401242 and LOC538046 no
RPSAP2 OAR1p13 in intron 2 DAP3 ortholog BTA3: not annotated yet
RPSAP3 OAR 5q22.3 intergenic between PCDHB15 and TAF7 ortholog BTA7: not annotated yet
RPSAP4 OAR19q12 in intron 1 LOC789684 ortholog BTA22: not annotated yet
RPSAP5 OAR1q21-q22 in intron 2 EPHA6 no
RPSAP6 OAR17q26prox intergenic between PXN and SIRT4 ortholog BTA17: not annotated yet
RPSAP7 OAR23q23prox intergenic between RBBP8 and LOC100138286 no
RPSAP8 OAR7q12-q13 intergenic between SERINC5 and GNPNAT1 no
RPSAP9 OAR1p37 intergenic between LOC100141009 and LOC522241 no
RPSAP10 OAR17q21prox intergenic between MDK and LOC783956 no
RPSAP11 OAR23q21 intergenic between ZNF24 and LOC767868 ortholog BTA24: GeneID: 100138378