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Table 1 Construction of SLA-RI/NRSP8-13K chip

From: Transcriptome analysis of porcine PBMCs after in vitro stimulation by LPS or PMA/ionomycin using an expression array targeting the pig immune response

Sets Probes Number of probes Number of genes
  SLA subset   
  gene or pseudogenes 804  
  non-coding RNA 12  
  RI subset   
  Porcine sequence 2832  
  Human sequence 125  
  Sub-total 3773 3104
NRSP8-13K   13297 8541
Control sets Lucidea Universal ScoreCard 92  
  SpotReport Alien Control 40  
  Position or Negative Control 1998  
Total   19200 10010 1
  1. 1 The total gene number is 10010 because 1635 genes are found in both gene sets