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Table 1 Genomics Resources

From: Touring Ensembl: A practical guide to genome browsing

Name Website Function
Genome Browsing
Ensembl Genome browser and annotation (chordates)
Ensembl Genomes Genome browser and annotation (nonchordates)
Gbrowse Genome browser and annotation (fruit fly)
NCBI Map Viewer Genome browser and annotation (multi-species)
NCBI Sequence Viewer Genome browser and annotation (multi-species)
UCSC Browser Genome browser and annotation (multi-species)
VISTA Enhancer Browser Non-coding elements (human)
1000 Genomes Browser Genome browser (human, multiple individuals)
IGB Visualization tool (multiple sources)
IGV Visualization tool (multiple sources)
DAS Registry DAS sources available
Ensembl DAS list DAS sources available in Ensembl
Protein and Nucleotides RefSeq Repository of nucleic acid and protein sequences
UniProt Repository of protein sequence (manually curated)
BioMart Data mining tool for export of tables and sequences
EMBOSS Open source software for molecular biology
TreeBest Construction and analysis of phylogenetic trees
Regulatory Features CisRed Database: Regulatory sequences
DNase I Footprint Database: Transcription factor binding sites (fly)
miRanda Database: miRNA targets (multi-species)
  1. Major genomics resources with links to websites.