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Table 4 Enriched GO terms associated with transcripts with differential expression patterns

From: Characterizing Ancylostoma caninum transcriptome and exploring nematode parasitic adaptation

Stage GO id* GO descriptor A. caninum trancripts
Female & Male
  GO:0003674 Molecular Function 198
  GO:0004194 pepsin A activity 7
  GO:0004197 cysteine-type endopeptidase activity 16
  GO:0004245 neprilysin activity 6
  GO:0004365 glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenase (phosphorylating) activity 4
  GO:0004415 hyalurononglucosaminidase activity 2
  GO:0004531 deoxyribonuclease II activity 4
  GO:0004623 phospholipase A2 activity 3
  GO:0004806 triacylglycerol lipase activity 8
  GO:0005529 sugar binding 7
  GO:0008270 zinc ion binding 22
  GO:0008533 astacin activity 19
  GO:0042302 structural constituent of cuticle 7
  GO:0051287 NAD binding 6
  GO:0003674 Molecular Function 52
  GO:0004252 serine-type endopeptidase activity 4
  GO:0004348 glucosylceramidase activity 5
  GO:0003674 Molecular Function 168
  GO:0003735 structural constituent of ribosome 27
  GO:0004396 hexokinase activity 4
  GO:0004672 protein kinase activity 23
  GO:0004674 protein serine/threonine kinase activity 15
  GO:0004867 serine-type endopeptidase inhibitor activity 13
  GO:0005198 structural molecule activity 35
Infective L3 & serum stimulated L3
  GO:0003674 Molecular Function 1388
  GO:0001584 rhodopsin-like receptor activity 43
  GO:0003735 structural constituent of ribosome 89
  GO:0003849 3-deoxy-7-phosphoheptulonate synthase activity 4
  GO:0003924 GTPase activity 23
  GO:0004377 glycolipid 2-alpha-mannosyltransferase activity 4
  GO:0004673 protein histidine kinase activity 5
  GO:0005249 voltage-gated potassium channel activity 8
  GO:0005351 sugar:hydrogen symporter activity 14
  GO:0005525 GTP binding 57
  GO:0008080 N-acetyltransferase activity 14
  GO:0015035 protein disulfide oxidoreductase activity 7
  GO:0016491 oxidoreductase activity 206
  GO:0016564 transcription repressor activity 4
  GO:0016616 oxidoreductase activity, acting on the CH-OH group of donors, NAD or NADP as acceptor 27
  GO:0016829 lyase activity 43
  GO:0020037 heme binding 35
  GO:0050662 coenzyme binding 44
Infective L3
  GO:0003674 Molecular Function 20
  GO:0004129 cytochrome-c oxidase activity 3
  GO:0005507 copper ion binding 3
  GO:0020037 heme binding 3
Serum stimulated L3
  GO:0003674 Molecular Function 8
  GO:0004806 triacylglycerol lipase activity 2
All stages
  GO:0003674 Molecular Function 3052
  GO:0003676 nucleic acid binding 558
  GO:0003700 transcription factor activity 85
  GO:0003707 steroid hormone receptor activity 30
  GO:0003723 RNA binding 96
  GO:0003924 GTPase activity 44
  GO:0004000 adenosine deaminase activity 6
  GO:0004674 protein serine/threonine kinase activity 95
  GO:0004713 protein tyrosine kinase activity 77
  GO:0005515 protein binding 381
  GO:0008026 ATP-dependent helicase activity 33
  GO:0008138 protein tyrosine/serine/threonine phosphatase activity 12
  GO:0008270 zinc ion binding 258
  GO:0008508 bile acid:sodium symporter activity 4
  GO:0008705 methionine synthase activity 4
  GO:0017111 nucleoside-triphosphatase activity 188
  GO:0019787 small conjugating protein ligase activity 39
  GO:0031072 heat shock protein binding 23
  GO:0046983 protein dimerization activity 19
  1. * Only Go terms with more than 50 hits to Mol. Function are presented.
  2. Cut-offs: FRD < 0.1; hypogeometrics test P < 0.05.