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Table 4 nos gene-napA-initiated liquid association search identifies cheA-1 and SO4572.

From: Genome-wide expression links the electron transfer pathway of Shewanella oneidensis to chemotaxis

X Y Z LA score XY Corr (High)* XY Corr (Low) P value Place
nosF napA cheA-1 0.3684 0.7970 -0.4956 0.00002 5
nosD napA cheA-1 0.2059 0.8548 0.6178 0.01347 12
nosF napA SO4572 0.3404 0.6923 0.2732 0.00008 17
  1. *The correlation between X and Y in the high Z conditions. The correlation between X and Y in the low Z conditions. The place on the positive end is held by Z.