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Table 3 Significantly (Benjamini-Hochberg FDR ≤ 0.01) enriched functions among differentially expressed genes (DEG) highly-expressed in fat pad relative to parenchyma tissue using Ingenuity Pathways Analysis® (IPA).

From: Functional and gene network analyses of transcriptional signatures characterizing pre-weaned bovine mammary parenchyma or fat pad uncovered novel inter-tissue signaling networks during development

IPA function P-value # DEG Main effect on function1 Associated functions
Lipid Metabolism 5E-11 95 Synthesis of lipid, Oxidation of lipid Small Molecule Biochemistry
Molecular Transport 5E-08 67 Transport of lipid (mostly fatty acids)  
Organismal Development 1E-06 79 Vessel development, mass of mammalia  
Cellular Movement 2E-04 114 ↑ Migration of eukaryotic cells, Invasion of cells  
Tissue Development 2E-04 120 Adhesion of cells and remodeling of tissue  
Carbohydrate Metabolism 2E-04 63 Quantity and metabolism of carbohydrates  
Connective Tissue Dev. and Funct. 1E-03 46 Mass of connective tissue Tissue Morphology
Cellular Growth and Proliferation 3E-03 164 Growth and proliferation of cells  
Cell-To-Cell Signaling and Interaction 4E-03 112 Activation of cell, adhesion of cells  
Skeletal/Muscular Sys. Dev. and Funct. 6E-03 34 ↑ Proliferation of smooth muscle cells  
Nucleic Acid Metabolism 6E-03 24 Synthesis of Acyl-CoA and cyclic AMP  
Organismal Functions 7E-02 32 Locomotion of rodents  
  1. Reported are the number of genes per function (# DEG), the main effect of those genes in functions (annotation of function from IPA) with the direction of the effect, and other significantly-associated functions (based on effect on function). Details of the analysis are reported in Additional file 2.
  2. 1 Major ( or ) or minor (↑ or ↓) effects on function are obtained by the IPA "effect on function" and was considered major if the number of DEG in the specific effect on function denoted as increase/decrease was greater > 10% compare to those DEG that decrease/increase. When no evident direction of the function was envisaged a is reported.