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Table 1 Side effects and inflammatory scores.

From: High gene expression of inflammatory markers and IL-17A correlates with severity of injection site reactions of Atlantic salmon vaccinated with oil-adjuvanted vaccines

Group Side effect score* Inflammatory score (μm2)
FO-1 1.5 (1-2) 50 (30)
FO-2 2 (1-2.5) 590 (340)
FO-7 2 (1-2.5) 490 (240)
FO-8 3 (2-4) 3820 (430)
  1. *Side effects scores of Atlantic salmon following intraperitoneal injection with oil adjuvanted vaccines were graded on a scale of 0-6 and are given as median and range in brackets. Inflammatory scores are represented by means and standard errors in brackets. n = 15.