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Table 4 Identification of transcription factor binding sites (TFBSs) present in TFAP2A- modulated genes by over-represented DNA oligonucleotides.

From: Identification of functional TFAP2A and SP1 binding sites in new TFAP2A-modulated genes

TFAP2A-regulated genes Over-represented oligo TF Target genes p (Fisher test)
DOWN n = 157 CGGGC* AP-2alpha, C-Rel, MYB, AMEF-2 22 1.20E-07
  GAGCCGGC   27 1.48E-07
  CCCGC* OLF-1, AP-2alpha, Sp-1,TCF-1(P),EGR 38 7.76E-07
  CCCGGC* AP-2alpha, MTF-1 47 1.20E-06
  CCCCGAGG* AP-2alpha 51 4.57E-06
  CGGCA* AP-2alpha 57 7.08E-06
  CCCATCCTA   64 1.17E-05
  CGGCAGCC   65 1.51E-05
  GCCCGC* AP-2alpha 66 2.45E-05
  CGGGTGCTC   70 2.75E-05
UP n = 107 AAGCGCG*   6 8.32E-06
  GGGGACTAA   11 1.62E-05
  AGACGTCT   16 2.04E-05
  AAACAACAG*   21 4.27E-05
  ACCCACGCG*   26 5.13E-05
  CGGGGTAGA   29 5.89E-05
  CCTGTTTCG*   33 6.92E-05
  CCGGAG   40 7.08E-05
  ACGGGTTCT   42 7.59E-05
  CCGGAGGC AP-2alpha 43 8.13E-05
  1. For each TF its consensus binding site sequence, abbreviated name, number of target genes and statistical enrichment values (Fisher-score) are reported. * conserved over-represented oligo