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Table 1 Microarray hybridisation conditions

From: Genotype and expression analysis of two inbred mouse strains and two derived congenic strains suggest that most gene expression is trans regulated and sensitive to genetic background

Comparison Tissues No. arrays
C57BL/6 v A/J Liver, Kidney, Spleen 5/5,5/5,5/5
Tir1CC v Tir1AA Liver, Spleen 4/4,4/4
Tir3CC v Tir3AA Liver 4/3
  1. Conditions for which expression data was obtained. Expression was compared between three pairs of strains: C57BL/6 v AJ (parental strains); Tir1CC v Tir1AA and Tir3CC v Tir3AA. Pairs of values separated by a slash are the number of arrays hybridised for each of the pair of lines being tested. Values separated by commas are for the different tissues. The Tirn CC v Tirn AA pairs were lines derived from the homozygous littermates of an intercross between N7 heterozygotes for the congenic region (Tirn CA animals) that acted as controls for each other. Hence Tir1CC and Tir1AA mice are carriers of C57BL/6 and A/J alleles respectively at the Tir1 locus.