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Table 1 General information of the mitochondrial genomes from Ichneumonoidea

From: Comparative mitogenomics of Braconidae (Insecta: Hymenoptera) and the phylogenetic utility of mitochondrial genomes with special reference to Holometabolous insects

Species Length (bp) Completeness Family Subfamily Accession number Resources
Diadegma semiclausum 18728 Complete Ichneumonidae Campopleginae EU871947 Wei et al., 2009
Enicospilus sp. 15300 Incomplete Ichneumonidae Ophioninae FJ478177 Dowton et al., 2009
Cotesia vestalis 15543 Complete Braconidae Microgastrinae FJ154897 This study
Spathius agrili 15425 Complete Braconidae Doryctinae FJ387020 This study
Phanerotoma flava 10171 Incomplete Braconidae Cheloninae GU097654 This study
Diachasmimorpha longicaudata 13850 Incomplete Braconidae Opiinae GU097655 This study
Macrocentrus camphoraphilus 15801 Incomplete Braconidae Macrocentrinae GU097656 This study
Meteorus pulchricornis 10186 Incomplete Braconidae Euphorinae GU097657 This study
Aphidius gifuensis 11996 Incomplete Braconidae Aphidiinae GU097658 This study