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Table 2 DAVID analysis of pathways significantly enriched in the list of differentially expressed genes

From: Muscle transcriptomic profiles in pigs with divergent phenotypes for fatness traits

KEGG id KEGG pathway name Genes (n) Genes Fold p-value*
01040 Polyunsaturated fatty acids biosynthesis 7 SCD, TECR, ELOVL5, ELOVL6, FASN, PTPLB, ACAA1 8.3046 0.00001
05222 Small cell lung cancer 15 LAMB1, PIK3CA, LAMA5, LAMA2, CYCS, BIRC3, MAX, PIK3R1, ITGB1, COL4A1, ITGAV, CKS1B, LAMC2, BIRC4, RXRG 3.2728 0.0001
04612 Antigen processing and presentation 12 HSPA2, HSPA4, HLA-A, PSME1, HSP90AA1, TAPBP, HLA-DRA, B2M, HLA-G, CD74, NFYA, HLA-DMB 2.8473 0.0027
04510 Focal adhesion 21 PIK3CA, LAMB1, LAMA5, VEGFA, LAMA2, RAP1A, COL5A3, BIRC3, PIK3R1, ITGB1, IGF1R, COL4A1, ITGB3, THBS4, ITGAV, CAV1, LAMC2, EGFR, BIRC4, ROCK1, ROCK2 2.0031 0.0034
04910 Insulin signalling pathway 15 PIK3CA, ACACA, PPARGC1A, RHOQ, EIF4E, LIPE, PIK3R1, PRKAR2B, IRS2, PPP1R3B, FASN, SORBS1, PRKAB2, IRS1, PRKAG2 2.1248 0.0097
03320 PPAR signalling pathway 9 SCD, OLR1, FABP4, PPARG, ADIPOQ, ACAA1, RXRG, PPARD, SORBS1 2.3727 0.0334
04512 ECM-receptor interaction 10 LAMB1, LAMA5, THBS4, ITGAV, LAMA2, COL5A3, LAMC2, ITGB1, COL4A1, ITGB3 2.1570 0.0396
04070 Phosphatidylinositol signalling system 9 PIK3CA, ITPR1, DGKZ, SYNJ1, PLCD4, FN3K, PIK3R1, PIK3C2A, DGKG 2.2479 0.0444
04150 mTOR signalling pathway 7 ULK2, PIK3CA, VEGFA, EIF4E, PIK3R1, ULK3, RICTOR 2.6054 0.0488
04930 Type II diabetes mellitus 6 PIK3CA, IRS2, CACNA1C, ADIPOQ, PIK3R1, IRS1 2.5309 0.0844
04920 Adipocytokine signalling pathway 8 IRS2, PPARGC1A, ADIPOQ, ADIPOR2, RXRG, IRS1, PRKAB2, PRKAG2 2.0802 0.0862
04350 TGF-beta signalling pathway 9 BMP5, FST, THBS4, CUL1, ZFYVE16, TGFB2, ROCK1, SMAD5, ROCK2 1.8982 0.0978
  1. Fold enrichment of the KEGG pathways in the list of differentially expressed genes with regard to the background dataset; *p-value from Fisher's exact test. Arrows indicate pathways relevant to muscle/adipose tissue function.