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Table 2 Gene ontology analysis of genes expressed at lower levels in CD34+ cells

From: Expression of a retinoic acid signature in circulating CD34 cells from coronary artery disease patients

Molecular Function # genes P-value
Membrane traffic protein 63 2.40E-13
Nucleic acid binding 280 4.89E-09
Select regulatory molecule 137 4.40E-07
Vesicle coat protein 16 1.53E-05
Chaperone 33 2.31E-05
Other chaperones 21 2.55E-05
Other transcription factor 50 3.29E-04
Ligase 59 6.84E-04
Miscellaneous function 95 7.58E-04
Ubiquitin-protein ligase 36 4.15E-03
Transporter 69 1.61E-02
Phosphatase 34 2.13E-02
Other RNA-binding protein 29 2.35E-02
mRNA processing factor 24 2.80E-02
Transferase 87 3.26E-02
G-protein modulator 49 4.85E-02
Other transporter 42 4.89E-02
Pathway # genes P-value
Apoptosis signaling pathway 36 3.02E-09
Ubiquitin proteasome pathway 22 1.34E-04
Huntington disease 28 1.10E-02
Ras Pathway 18 2.17E-02
Transcription regulation by bZIP transcription factor 17 3.32E-02
PDGF signaling pathway 28 4.99E-02
  1. Molecular functions and pathways represented by genes expressed at lower levels in CD34+ cells, compared to more differentiated hematopoietic cells.