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Table 3 Upregulated genes in the cluster containing AZFc deleted samples as classified on the basis of their main biological functions.

From: Testis transcriptome analysis in male infertility: new insight on the pathogenesis of oligo-azoospermia in cases with and without AZFc microdeletion

General biological function Specific biological function Upregulated genes in AZFc deleted patients cluster
Cellular growth and proliferation Proliferation of eucariothic cell A2M, ADAMTS1, AIF1, ANGPTL1, CEBPD, COL4A1, DCN, GSTM1, HIF1A, HMGB1, ICMT, IL6ST, KIF3A, LY96, NKX3-1, PLAU, PTK2, S100B, SOD2, SPTBN1, TPT1
Reproductive system development and function Reproductive process of mammalia DDX3Y (DBY), IL6ST, PLAU, UTY
Cell death apoptosis of eukaryotic cells A2M, ANGPTL1, C7, CEBPD, DCN, HIF1A, HMGB1, ICMT, IL6ST, KIF3A, PLAU, PTK2, SOD2, TPT1, YES1