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Figure 3

From: Environmental transcriptome analysis reveals physiological differences between biofilm and planktonic modes of life of the iron oxidizing bacteria Leptospirillum spp. in their natural microbial community

Figure 3

Transcriptional up-regulation of a selected set of genes of L. ferrooxidans by RT-PCR analysis. The transcriptional up-regulation of sirA-like, mqsR, poxB, ackA, acsA, pta, clpX, rpfG-like, and ygiT(mqsA)-like was confirmed by RT-PCR using sequences and primers from L. ferrooxidans (Additional file 1 Table S3) and total RNA from biofilm or planktonic cells. B, biofilm; P, planktonic cells; +, positive control with L. ferrooxidans genomic DNA; -, negative control (no template DNA); note that in the upper panel samples from biofilm and plankton are duplicated; M, relative molecular size ladder.

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