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Figure 3

From: Small RNAs, DNA methylation and transposable elements in wheat

Figure 3

Rate of transition and transversion in UTR/Introns and TEs. (A) Number of transitions (Tr) and transversion (Tv) per bp that occurred in the orthologous VRN2 regions in T. monococcum and T. turgidum A genome during their 1.1 million year (MYA) of divergence. (B) Scatterplot representing the relation between the estimated insertion time (MYA) of LTR retrotransposons present in the VRN2 locus of T. monococcum and T. turgidum (LTRs are identical at the time of insertion) and the frequency of Tr and Tv in the LTRs. The slopes of the estimated linear trends represent the transition and transversions rates.

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