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Table 4 σ32 target candidates not detected in Wade et al.

From: ChIP on Chip: surprising results are often artifacts

Genomic positiona Targetb ChIP signal
354094 codB 1.9
1660133 ynfF 0.5
1666656 dgsA 1.5
1798225 rpmI 0.5
2276466 yejG 0.6
4148429 ppc 0.8
  1. a Chromosomal position as middle of two microarray probes.
  2. b Names of target genes. Known σ32 -targets are in bold according to (Nonaka et al., 2006; Zhao et al., 2005).
  3. c Mean σ32 log2 ratio (IP/IN) of two probes for detected targets at the indicated genomic position (see experimental procedures for details).