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Figure 4

From: Comparative metagenomic analysis of plasmid encoded functions in the human gut microbiome

Figure 4

Distribution of RelE genes encoded by sequences from human gut metagenomes. RelE sequences homologous to pTRACA22 ORF22-6 identified in human gut metagenomes during comparative metagenomic analysis (Figure 3) were affiliated with a phylogenetic division based on genus represented in top hits (based on bit score) from BlastP and tBlastn searches of public databases encompassed by the nr dataset. Bars represent the proportion of RelE sequences identified which were affiliated with each phylogenetic division, and colours within bars indicate the % identity of metagenomic sequences to homologous sequences in bacterial genomes or plasmids. Numerals adjacent to bars indicate the genus in which homologous RelE were identified at each corresponding level of % identity: 1) Clostridium 2) Faecalibacter 3) Desulfitobacterium, 4) Blautia, 5) Parabacteroides, 6) Bifidobacteria, 7) Escherichia (pARS3), 8) Yersinia, 9) Photorhabdus, 10)Treponema, 11) Fusobacteria, 12) Parachlamydia, 13) "Candidatus Cloacamonas", (Candidate division WWE1) 14) Uncultured bacterium, fosmid clone 3 originating from organically reared pig gut and encoding tetracycline resistance [43].

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