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Table 2 Examples of "atypical" rearrangements involving δ.

From: Evolution of duplicated IgH loci in Atlantic salmon, Salmo salar

EST ID Sequence repeat Rearrangement Join in δa
001-084 CTAG V-(D?)-J-δ 641(e2)
002-029 CTAC V-(D?)-J-δ 532(e2)
002-179 GANACAG V(before RSS)b 1073(e3)
003-005 CCA VB1-12-D-J-VB1-13 562(e2)
3.007   V-J-m-δ 1(e1)
3.169   V-(D)-J-δ 1(e1)
004-006 AGTG V-(D)-δ 611(e2)
004-078 C V(before RSS)-δ 236(e1)
006-049/55   δ only ? 337(e1)
006.078/82   δ only ? 623(e2)
006-106 CAG V-(D?)-J-δ begin(e1)
007-025 AGTGANGACACAG V(before RSS)-δ 506(e2)
007-171 CATCAG D-genomic-D-J-δ 647(e2)
9.03   V-?-δ 235(e1)
009-052 CCAC V-(D?)-J-δ 294(e1)
11.169 CTG V-(D)-J-δ 1089(e3)
12.059 GAC V(before RSS)-δ 242(e1)
017-108 ACACA V(before RSS)-δ 689(e2)
017-121 CAGAGG V(before RSS)-δ 253(e1)
  1. a Joining position in exon1, 2, or 3.
  2. b Joining does not involve RSS but initiates earlier.