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Figure 7

From: The genome of Geobacter bemidjiensis, exemplar for the subsurface clade of Geobacter species that predominate in Fe(III)-reducing subsurface environments.

Figure 7

Multiplicity of phosphate and molybdate transport system genes of G. bemidjiensis. Some genes are unique to G. bemidjiensis (pink arrows), some have orthologs in G. metallireducens (blue arrows), and some are shared with both G. sulfurreducens and G. metallireducens (purple arrows). Multicopy nucleotide sequences (rectangles) are found in some intergenic regions. The periplasmic phosphate-binding proteins are encoded by pstS genes, the transporter membrane proteins by pstA and pstC genes, ATP-binding proteins by pstB genes, and regulators by phoU genes. The periplasmic molybdate-binding proteins are encoded by modA genes, the transporter membrane proteins by modB genes, the ATP-binding proteins by modC genes, and a regulator by modE. The periplasmic tungstate-binding protein is encoded by tupA, the transporter membrane protein by tupB, and the ATP-binding protein by tupC. The bamB-2 gene encodes a paralog of benzoyl-CoA reductase, and the bamC-2 gene encodes a paralog of a putative electron transfer protein of benzoyl-CoA reductase.

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