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Figure 8

From: The genome of Geobacter bemidjiensis, exemplar for the subsurface clade of Geobacter species that predominate in Fe(III)-reducing subsurface environments.

Figure 8

Oxygen respiration genes of G. bemidjiensis. The cytochrome caa 3 oxidase complex (coxACDB genes) and one cytochrome bd quinol oxidase complex (cydAB-1 genes) are encoded by genes with orthologs in G. sulfurreducens and G. metallireducens (purple arrows), while the hemerythrin domain-containing methyl-accepting chemotaxis sensory transducer (mcp040), the other pair of cytochrome bd quinol oxidase complex genes (cydAB-2), and the two operons encoding cytochrome bb 3 oxidase components (cco genes) are unique to G. bemidjiensis (pink arrows).

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