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Figure 3

From: Hif1α down-regulation is associated with transposition of great arteries in mice treated with a retinoic acid antagonist

Figure 3

Immunofluorescence results of Hif1α expression in untreated controls (A'), BMS- (B') and BMS+FA-treated (C') embryos at 8.5dpc. Transverse sections of untreated controls (A), BMS-treated (B) and BMS+FA-treated (C) embryos at 8.5 dpc were counterstained with Hoechst to show nuclei (blue). Positive Hif1α staining is evident in the myocardium of untreated controls (A') and BMS+FA-treated embryos (C'). Bc = bulbus cordis; Da = dorsal aorta; Ec = endocardium or endocardial tissue; Fd = foregut diverticulum; Lhsv = wall of the left horn of sinus venosus; Mc = myocardium; Nt = neural tube; Pv = primitive ventricle

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