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Table 4 Lineage specific genes in L. monocytogenes

From: Probing the pan-genome of Listeria monocytogenes: new insights into intraspecific niche expansion and genomic diversification

Gene Genome Annotation
Lineage I specific   
LMOf2365_0409 F2365 Hypothetical protein
LMOf2365_1251 F2365 Hypothetical protein
LMOf2365_1252 F2365 Hypothetical protein
LMOf2365_2638 F2365 Similar to cell surface anchor family protein
Lineage II specific   
lmo0525 EGD-e Hypothetical protein
lmo0737 EGD-e Hypothetical protein
lmo1061 EGD-e Similar to two-component sensor histidine kinase
lmo1968 EGD-e Similar to creatinine amidohydrolases
lmo1969 EGD-e Similar to 2-keto-3-deoxygluconate-6-phosphate aldolase
Lineage III specific   
LmonocytogFSL_030100003416 J2-071 Hypothetical protein
LmonocytogFSL_030100004481 J2-071 Hypothetical protein
LmonocytogFSL_030100010091 J2-071 Similar to ADP-ribose 1''-phosphate domain protein
LmonocytogFSL_030100010130 J2-071 Hypothetical protein
LmonocytogFSL_030100011357 J2-071 Hypothetical protein
LmonocytogFSL_030100012027 J2-071 Hypothetical protein
  1. Lineage specificity is based on comparative analysis of 26 genomes in this study, including 7 LI strains (F2365, H7858, Clip 80459, N1-017, R2-503, HPB2262 and J1-194), 9 LII strains (EGD-e, R2-561, Finland 1988, 10403S, N3-165, F6900, F6854, J2818 and J0161) and 10 LIII genomes (HCC23, J2-071, F2-501, F2-524, J1-208, M1-002, W1-111, F2-208, F2-569 and W1-110). Gene ID is designated based on a respective reference genome.