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Table 8 Sequences of genes of hormone biosynthesis and signalling

From: Generation and analysis of ESTs from strawberry (Fragaria xananassa) fruits and evaluation of their utility in genetic and molecular studies

Function Gene (or gene family) EST identified
ABA biosynthesis NCDE CO818085
Brassinosteroid biosynthesis BR6ox GT149949
Ethylene biosynthesis SAMS AI795146, CO381892, CO381923, CO817276, CO817815, GT150129, CO818125, GT151766, CO816980; GT151867, GT150239, GT150959
  ACO CO817481, CO817779, GT150063
Gibberellins biosynthesis CPS GT151845
  GA20ox GT151292, GW402870
Auxin signalling ABP CO817279, CO817899
  IAA CO817274, GT150547 GW402778
  ARF GW402649, GT149793 GT148932, GT151848, GT149872
Brassinosteroid signalling BRI1 GT149043, GT149540
  BKI1 GT150457
  BZR2/BES1 GT149361, GT149240
  BIN2 CO381946, GT150424
Cytokinin signalling AHP CO818010
  ARR CO816816, GT151563
Ethylene signalling ETR GW402489
  ERF GW402737, CO817183, CO817782, CO817196, CO817932, GT150183, GT150854, CO816657, GT151564
Gibberellins signalling GID1 GW403056, GT150354
  GID2/SLY1 GT150354, M119F11R