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Figure 7

From: Apoptosis-associated microRNAs are modulated in mouse, rat and human neural differentiation

Figure 7

miR-34a overexpression increases the ratio of postmitotic neurons in mouse NS cells. Mouse NS cells were transfected using 100 nM of either control or pre-miR-34a, and collected 24 and 72 h after transfection. Collected cells were labeled for NeuN detection by flow cytometry, or processed for total protein extraction and NeuN expression evaluation by Westen blot. A) Percentage of NeuN positive cells in negative control and pre-miR-34a-transfected cells, 24 and 72 h after transfection. In independent repetitions of these experiments, similar increases in the relative number of NeuN-positive cells were observed in cultures overexpressing miR-34a when compared to control pre-miR-transfected cells. B) Representative blot showing increased NeuN expression in pre-miR-34a transfected cells.

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