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Figure 2

From: Zebrafish fin immune responses during high mortality infections with viral haemorrhagic septicemia rhabdovirus. A proteomic and transcriptomic approach

Figure 2

Representative 2D-DIGE of fin proteins from VHSV- infected (red) and non-infected (green) zebrafish. Protein extracts from zebrafish fins were analyzed by 2D-DIGE. First dimension was performed on an immobilized pH gradient gel (pH 4 to 9). Second dimension was performed on a 10% SDS-PAGE to separate proteins by their molecular weight (10 to 150 KDa). The circled numbers correspond to the spots which were analyzed by MS. About 70% of the spots analyzed could be identified depending on the experiment (Table 1). Left, molecular weight markers. Bottom, pH gradient from 4 to 9.

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