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Table 3 Orthologs and paralogs

From: The CAZyome of Phytophthora spp.: A comprehensive analysis of the gene complement coding for carbohydrate-active enzymes in species of the genus Phytophthora

P. infestans CAZy superfamily Paralogs Orthologs in P. sojae and P. ramorum Orthologs in P. sojae only Orthologs in P. ramorum only P. infestans homologs with no match
Carbohydrate esterases 17 48 0 0 1
Glycoside hydrolases 95 214 7 3 20
Glycosyl transferases 16 72 3 0 8
Polysaccharide lyases 48 53 0 3 3
Total 176 387 10 6 32
  1. Number of CAZy paralogs found in P. infestans and total number of orthologs found in either P. sojae or P. ramorum (or both genomes). Orthologs and paralogs were determined using PHRINGE and the gene mappings between genomes available from the Broad Institute.