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Table 1 Positive/Negative set sizes

From: Combination of measures distinguishes pre-miRNAs from other stem-loops in the genome of the newly sequenced Anopheles darlingi

Dataset Positive Set Negative Set Overlapping Extracted candidates
A. gambiae 67 2 244 922 92 2 245 014
D. melanogaster 157 1 316 105 200 1 316 305
A. darlingi 44 1 748 087 66 1 748 153
  1. The Table shows the number of elements in the positive and negative sets, the number of candidates overlapping elements of the positive set and the total number of extracted candidates for each dataset. For A. darlingi, the positive set is the set of clear homologs to A. gambiae pre-miRNAs whereas in all other datasets the positive set corresponds to the known precursors. In all cases, the negative set consists in the presumptive non-precursor candidates which do not overlap precursors in the positive set.